January 2012 Civil War Journals BOM

CIVIL WAR JOURNALS begins January 2012. Available as a complete kit or as a block of the month. Block of the months will ship on the 16th of each month.

CIVIL WAR JOURNALS begins with fabrics by Judie Rothermel, the industry’s first designer of reproduction fabrics. Her look is often imitated, but never quite duplicated, and her following is as strong as ever…CIVIL WAR JOURNALS is the first in our series to let quilters choose to create one large quilt or four smaller quilts during the year. Homestead Hearth cleverly designed the program so that either option can be created from the same set of blocks, simplifying the process for our retail partners, while expanding the consumers’ creative options.

The styling of the CIVIL WAR JOURNAL quilts is unmatched in the industry. The careful placement of the prints, detailed piecing and gorgeous quilting together to create a true heirloom.

True to Marcus’ Civil War series, JOURNALS is also based on historical background info, this time with a focus on the journals of the children of the era, and how they were affected by the war.

Finished Large Quilt is 84″ x 102″ or you can make 4 Small Quilts ranging from 44″ x 44″ to 51″ x 60″


Note: If you choose to use a fabric 44″-45″ from Civil War Journals Collection 7 2/3 yards is needed for backing. Please list fabric item # selection in COMMENT SECTION.

If backing fabric is not specified we will gladly choose a backing of our choice for you.

We have 4 backing fabrics available. Quilt will require 3.25 yards of 108″ backing fabric. Fabrics are all from the Marcus Line Basic Backs: Civil War Journals.

Email juliecrafttown@hotmail.com if you have any questions about this item.



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