Women of Courage BOM

Block of the Month Women of Courage “Starts June 2012

Windham Fabrics latest collection by Nancy Gere™ was inspired by the new ‘Women of Courage’ Block of the Month designed by Denice Lipscomb. The Women of Courage fabric collection has luscious floral prints, beautiful tonal blenders and a breathtaking color palette of brown, tan, red, teal and green. The 12 month BOM is special because each block from the program corresponds to a brave and courageous woman in world history. Together, they create a spectacular Block of the Month. Enjoy learning a little bit about history as you sew with this gorgeous collection.
Price for each month (1 through 12) is $23.95 plus shipping.No Sign Up Fees.Women of Courage Block of the Month will run from June 2012 to May 2013. You will receive generous cuts of fabric to make the block sections each month. You will receive border fabrics month 12.

You will receive all fabric to complete top.
Finished Quilt is 98″ x 98″.
The following is the schedule of information you will receive each month. Month 1: Nancy Wake, Month 2: Sojourner Truth, Month 3: Christ Mc Auliffe, Month 4: Bessie Coleman, Month 5: Maud Finch and Susan B. Anthony, Month 6: Helen Keller and Mary Edward Walker, Month 7: Sacagawea, Month 8: Mary Roberts Wilson, Month 9: Mother Theresa, Month 10: Amelia Earhart, Month 11: Rosa Parks and Madelaine de Vercheres, Month 12: Corrie Ten Boom
We also offer quilt insurance for those people who make a little oops. You will receive fat 1/8’s of all 25 fabrics in Quilt Kit.


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