Days of Yore by Sue Marsh

We just received the  new collection, Days of Yore (we  love the bright colors).

We contacted Sue to see how she came up with such great colors.

   Thats the easy part!  I go with my favorite colors.  I lovebrights.  I chose the color for Thor based on the story I wrote.  He wound up being blue cause it’s easy to rhyme ;).   I choose a few main colors (purple, hot pink, lime green, turquoise.)  I am limited to the number of colors I can use because of the screen printing process, so the rest of the 10 colors are chosen to go compliment the main colors.

  • We have included a little more info about Sue that we thought you might be interested in.
  • If you have any favorite childhood memories?

   We were big campers when I was a kid.  I still love to camp, only now I do it in a cabin with a microwave and hot shower!

  • When did you start quilting?

    I finished my first quilt about the same time I graduated high school, but my addiction came when I bought my first Quilt In A Day book.  I was seriously hooked.

  • Do you have pet?

   “A” pet??? How can you have just one? 😉  I have six cats and a husband.

  • Do you have a favorite quilting notion?

Of course the rotary cutter and mats almost don’t count anymore as they are must haves.  Outside of that, I love my specialty rulers from Creative Grids.



One Response to Days of Yore by Sue Marsh

  1. Margie Peart says:

    My daughter, granddaughter and myself just love your latest fabric collection of Days of Yore. My 34yr old daughter wants a king size quilt made of this fabric. Do you by any chance have machine embroidery designs of your dragons? I am doing a nursery set for my neice with Caterwauling Tales and I have made a quilt using your Pound Hounds fabric. I just love your work.
    Keep it up. Margie Peart in Penticton, BC,Canada

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